Bistro Miyoda & Sushi Ichiriki
Overall Rating (+++++)
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1220 Beryl St.,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
PHONE: 310.376.1081

1. Ono (Hawaiian Fish / Usually prepared with thin sliced onions with ponzu sauce)
2. Kohada (good with wasabi & soy)
3. Amaebi (lemon & sea salt)
4. Hamachi (Yellow Tail)
5. Fried Asparagus with Halibut
6. Aji Battera (Shiitake Mushroom in middle)
7. Real Hon Wasabi on the side (The best stuff!)

We've been going to this place since they opened about 2 years ago, and we absolutely love coming here!! People travel far, far away just to eat their sushi because of their good reputation :) From our experience, Friday is the best night since both of the best sushi chefs (the owner "Peter" and "Glenn") are behind the counter.

Although, all the waitresses are super nice, I highly recommend sitting at the sushi bar and get to know the sushi chefs :) Otherwise, the whole sushi experience won't be the same. The best and cool part of this place is they serve a wide variety of many different things!! Even baked vegetable skin with sea salt (non-menu item)! These guys are always creative, and they are not limited to serve you what's on the menu.

Tonight, we sat with Glenn.
He told us what's fresh and good tonight :) One of the things he recommended was scallop. So, from one scallop, he prepared scallop sashimi with yuzu sauce/sea salt which was incredible, then he brought scallop sushi with sea salt, scallop mussel salad with green onions and yuzu kosho, and scallop liver salad with daikon radish and ponzu. The combination of yuzu and sea salt worked very well together and tasted very refreshing. From one scallop, we enjoyed 4 different dishes!! (Of course, none of these were on their menu.) There are not that many places in LA where a sushi chef (or any chef for the matter) will take the time to customize and serve you each special dish.. just for YOU! In fact, I don't know of any other places in LA that offers this type of special service.

After the Scallop, we had aji, sanma, kohada, amaebi (live shrimp) with lemon & sea salt, hamachi (yellowtail), anago (eel) with yuzu & sea salt, and ono with thin sliced onions & ponzu sauce!! All very different types of authentic fish most of which are very hard to find at a regular sushi bar in the U.S. For aji, we got the whole fish, so he again prepared in few different ways. All absolutely amazing :) They even serve real wasabi here (on occasion) that is grated with shark fin... by special request!! We were completely satisfied with everything tonight. The service and food quality is always excellent.

Please feel free to leave any comments and let me know your thoughts on ICHIRIKI!


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Okay, this is just not fair. I have not eaten lunch yet... and not enjoyed sushi for a month now. Sally, why are you TORTURING me!?!!?!? I saw these pictures and I am salivating! It looks soooooo melt-in-your-mouth deelish! I want to eat all of it right now! Stop it, okay! Stop posting sushi!!!!


I'm not trying to torture you! am I?? Hehehe :) Well, let's just say we are looking forward for your visit in September, so we can appreciate fantastic sushi together!!

I am a big fan of Peter and IchiRiki. Great to see others dig it and write about it, because he is such a swell guy that I want him to get as much business as possible.

Here's a post I wrote about IchiRiki. It's not as thorough a post as yours, but I get an A for effort. :-)

This is a great Blog!


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