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1-15-12Michinobe Honcyo
Kamagaya Chiba, Japan
PHONE: +81 (047) 445-7811

HAKASE noodle "HAKASE RAMEN" is the world's best ramen (in my opinion)!!!
We've been back in LA from Japan for little over a week, and we already miss their ramen. During our short 2 weeks visit to Japan, we managed to eat there 3 times! Yes... We love their ramen that much :D

The concept of HAKASE ramen is "To live longer in a good health" therefore everything they serve is well thought out to better your health. They use a ton of different vegetables, herbs, seaweed, fish, chicken, chicken bone, pork bone and cook for a long, long time to make their perfect broth each day.

HAKASE noodle doesn't even use KANSUI, an ingredient that is commonly used in the preparation of most ramen noodles. KANSUI enables the ramen noodle to last longer in the broth without getting soggy in the soup. Also, KANSUI usually makes the noodle yellowish, rubbery and slippery. KANSUI is used in almost all egg noodles and ramen noodles, but they are not good for your health.

...I looked up what KANSUI could be in English, and I found out it is usually either or similar to K2CO3, Carbonate of potash and/or Na2CO3, Sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda or soda ash) used as KANSUI.

There are only a handful of ramen places in Japan where they serve non-KANSUI ramen... And HAKASE is one of them!

If you are ever near Kamagaya, Chiba... or even if you are in Tokyo and want to try really really good ramen, you should try this amazing place!! We recommend getting their regular Soy (Shoyu) Ramen with Hitokuchi (a bite size) Gyoza. Their Chasu meat is unbelievably amazing... 1 thick slice of Chashu Pork comes with regular Soy Ramen with 1 Aji Tamago (the flavored egg)! And it is only like $5. We haven't tried their Salt (Shio) Ramen yet (They use this special salt from Okinawa), but their Miso Ramen is also really good (and also comes with 1 thick slice of Chashu Pork) as well. And their Gyoza is just really amazing... they are very juicy and always make my stomach warm.

Paul ordered Chashu Soy Ramen with 2 eggs last time just for fun (pic above), but regular soy ramen ended up being the perfect amount :)


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You are making my mouth water just reading your post! Now I want ramen! It's snowy outside and ramen sounds so perfect! Those pictures are not helping! Sally!!!!! :P




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