[AMERICAN] Royal Claytons


Overall Rating (++++)
food (++++) | ambiance (+++++) | service (+++) | price ($$$)

1855 Industrial St
Los Angeles, CA 90021
PHONE: (213) 622-0512
URL: Sweet Freedom Development
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We had a fantastic night at Royal Claytons a few nights ago.
Our good friends Yosh and his wife Sawa from Japan were in town, so we wanted to take them to some place cool and unique in LA.

Royal Claytons is located at industrial parts of downtown Los Angeles (at Toy Factory Lofts). As we were following our instructions on mapquest, everyone was starting to worry if we were going to ever find this restaurant. We got off of on Alameda (left) and made a right turn on Industrial street... passed many quiet (empty looking) buildings/lofts. There were no sign of people for a long time. I'm pretty sure our friends were getting really concerned by then :D I kind of like it though... as part of the experience of going to downtown LA and finding some treasure. And I think our friends dug it too :)

By the time we got there, it was pretty dark outside, but it seemed even darker inside the restaurant (with dim lights) since all the furnitures and chairs are painted pitch black. The cement floor and high ceiling with everything exposed with mixture of classic/contemporary deco creates very industrial sexy artistic atmosphere that you don't always find in Los Angeles.

We started ordering from appetizers. Mike mentioned that Philly Cheesesteak spring roll was recommended on one of the reviews from Yelp... Yea, it doesn't really sound appetizing, but they were surprisingly good :) And their crab cakes were very tasty as well.
Since Filet Mignon and Pork Chop (above) were mentioned over and over on the review, I was very anxious to taste them. I had few bites of the Filet Mignon from Paul and was excellent. It was tender and had very good juicy flavor. Paul mentioned that he sometimes tasted blue cheese and was trying to figure out what it was. My main dish was Pork Chop. It came with sweet and sour cranberry sauce over the pork with very salty cooked vegetable (chard??) on the bottom. It wasn't bad, but the meat was kind of dry... and the vegetable was too salty... and didn't really taste anything special or accommodate the flavor all that well together. There was a pile of yam cooked in butter and milk on the side which was pretty tasty at first, but it got kind of boring after a while... I didn't think it was necessary a good addition to the plate. One good thing about this plate was the portion only if you are very hungry.

But, overall experience of going to this restaurant was definitely worth the trip. We would definitely be going back there for sure :)


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Hmmmm... sounds like you have mixed feelings about the food. What else was on the menu? Any other interesting appetizers or seafood dishes? Any unique desserts? You know I just love a sweet finish! The room sounds interesting... would love to see that too.


The Pork Chop is the only thing I wasn't really excited about. It was still good, but I think it could have been better... food wise :)

And yes, they also had seafood on their menu! Mike ordered Sea Bass, and it was pretty good. Yosh and Paul both ordered Filet Mignon, and that would be my favorite out of all the dishes I sampled!! Yosh's wife Sawa had this dish with grilled vegetable with curry rice. I didn't have a taste of that, but she said it was very good.

It's worth the trip for sure :)


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