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2143 W 182nd St
Torrance, CA 90504
PHONE: 310.515.6147
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We tried newly opened Japanese restaurant in Torrance called "KOMACHI" from our friend's (Chef Glenn) recommendation last Friday. The restaurant is located where Shu-Chan Ramen used to be... next to Nijiya Market (Japanese super market). They've done really nice job modifying/upgrading the place from old ran down pop's ramen shop to a cozy modern Japanese restaurant.

We wanted to order everything exactly the same as Glenn's order (we're big fan of Glenn's cooking, so...), but I couldn't remember everything he mentioned on his mixi blog! OMG it was a lot of food for just two of us though!

Our favorite was their Chirashi-Sushi (Pic above). As Glenn had mentioned in his blog, amazing amount and variety of fresh Sashimi over their Chirashi! It even came with Toro, Uni (Sea Urchin) and Ikura (Salmon Roe)... very luxurious and some were melt-in-your mouth quality! Yummy... it was sooo good :-9


We also ordered Kurobuta Kushi Katsu (Fried Black Pork on skewers) and Grilled Beef with Salt (Aburi Yaki) served with Olive oil and Ponzu dipping sauce. The Katsu on skewers were served hot and crisp. The meat was tender and juicy with good flavor :-) This quality is what you would find in Japan. Perfect! We would definitely order this again! Yumm! Grilled Beef was a little disappointment though. We ordered it medium rare... but it was more than medium... way overcooked :( And, if I didn't dip in Ponzu sauce, there were not much flavor... totally killed good flavor of the meat. I was thinking "Mottainai.... it must have been good meat uncooked!" :-P

Also, we liked the little garnishes that came with these plates. Mashed potatoes with garlic chip was sooo yummy. We ordered Onigiri as well which came with Miso Soup and Japanese pickles... but neither of us were able to enjoy any more food! too full to fit them into our tummy ;-)

Overall, I think Komachi offers very good solid Japanese food at more than reasonable price for what you get. The quality of food and service is excellent here. I think it's safe to say that you won't be sorry or too disappointed for anything you order from them. However, if you're looking for contemporary Japanese dishes with surprising twist or excitement of unique flavor and contrast, you won't find it here.

We enjoyed our visit to Komachi and we'll be going back there for sure especially to have another order of Chirashi-Sushi! What a great deal!! :-) They also have a small sushi bar here. It would be interesting to try their sushi at the counter at some point as well!

Thanks Glenn for the recommendation :-)

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Glad you made it to Komachi. But I am bit disappointed to hear about the beef tataki. That dish is so easy to screw up, but they should know better. However, I am happy to hear that you liked the chirashi and kushi-katsu. Fried oysters are good too. If you go again, order the raw octopus carparccio if they have it. Highly recommeded.

Reading Miki M's input (on Yelp), it seems like Komachi was a bit finicky last December. Luckily, I haven't encountered that kind of treatment anywhere...yet. I do see non-Japanese couples in there everytime I've been there so I hope they are warming up to the local following.

A bit of side note if I may...Lately, "omakase" has taken on a different meaning and it seems like it is confusing a lot of people. Omakase in the true sense means exactly what everyone thinks. There is no set menu and the chef prepares whatever he thinks it's right for the moment taking into consideration the client's likes and dislikes, amount of alcohol consumed, what's in season, the current weather and the current season. The chef should incorporate seasonality "kisetsu-kan" in his omakase menu. Afterall, it should be tailored just for you. Unfortunately, omakase at a lot of places has taken on a different meaning - it now means a set menu (pris fixe menu) at a decent price, more like a bargain. You know, like the combo sets at Mickey D's. You pay for the burger and fries and the drink is free kind of thing. It has nothing to do with preference, season or for that matter "ichigo ichie" (the moment). My suggestion is to know what the term means at that restaurant (majority uses the word to mean a combo meal). To me, I don't see how a chef can serve omakase without knowing the client. But then, that's is just my opinion...

fpr302 [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hello Glenn-
Thanks for your comment and recommendation!! We will be going back there again for sure :-)

I know what you mean about true "Omakase"... and many restaurants confuse and mislead people into thinking Omakase is a set menu which is kind of sad :(

Well, that is why we loved dining at your counter!! It is truly a complete different experience when the chef pays attention to all the details... and observes client's likes and dislikes. We can't wait for you to be back at a restaurant :-)


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