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Mexico City Trip 2015: Teotihuacan


Mexico City Trip 2015: Teotihuacan


I think Teotihuacan is a must visit place if anyone comes to visit Mexico City! It's about an hour by car from the city, but, it is worth the experience to take it all in and walk the entire park if you can.

There are some steep steps. And you get very close to the sun... so it is advisable to wear a hat and put on sunscreen for all exposed skin! I missed a few spots... and I got painful sunburn! 

Initially, our friend told us we can hike and see everything here in about 2-3 hours, but we ended up spending nearlyt 5 hours hiking up the pyramid of the sun and to the pyramid of the moon and walked the entire length of the park. Amazing to imagine... once upon a time, there was a major well established city and civilization here.

Our Airbnb host told us we should dine at the cave restaurant here (which we didn't do this time...) But after looking at some of the photos, I definitely want to go next time!